Muki Ama Ebi (De-Shelled Sweet Shrimp) あまえび

$25 $30

muki means shell-less. ama means sweet. and ebi means shrimp.

Almagamating them together, you get sweet, de-shelled shrimps. 

Yes, the ones you eat in sushi restaurants as Nigiri. Why not get this & make them at home yourselves?


  • 10 shrimps per pack 
  • Sashimi-Grade
  • Originated from Russia, packed & imported from Japan
  • Ease of convenience as they're already peeled 
  • Known for their sweet after-taste 
  • Thaw & consume as itself, Chirashi or Nigiri Sushi
  • Lightly blow-torch to consume as aburi-style 



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