Zuwai Kani (Boiled Snow Crab Legs) 400g ずわい蟹足

$42 $47

Wait actually though, what's stopping you from getting this? 

Sick of your chilli & black pepper crabs at Ang Mo Kio? Introducing Zuwai Kani. Crack that bad boy open, dip into a Shabu of your choice and sink your teeth into the meat. 

Then tell me what heaven tastes like. 

  • Already boiled, simply Thaw & Serve 
  • Approximately 12 to 14 Crab Legs per pack 
  • Produced in Russia, imported from Japan 

To Store:

  • Keep in freezer & consume within 3 months
  • Once thawed, keep in refrigerator & consume within 2 days

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