Madai fillet marinated with Yuzu (Red Snapper)

$20 $25
  • Red Snapper from Amakusa, Kumamoto Prefecture are caught and immediately proceeded for live cured (Ikehime) and fillet once it arrived at the shore. The fishes are parboiled and marinated with yuzu vinegar for five hours before being frozen.
    • The red snapper is parboiled and you will be able to taste the umami flavor of the fat as well as the subtle flavor of yuzu.
    • Since the abdominal bones have been removed, you can simply slice the fish after defrosting and serve it immediately
    • 380g 
    • You can prepare in 3 ways:
      • Simply defrost, slice and consume straight away 
      • Ochazuke method as shown in video
      • Grill as shown in video
    • Once defrosted, consume within 2 days 

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