Kaneki Bafun Uni (100G) お任せバラウニ Grade A

$75 $88


Cut-off Time for Tuesday's Air Cargo: Sunday night 8pm
Cut-off Time for Friday's Air Cargo: Wednesday night 8pm

We're able to deliver to you on the day of arrival of air cargo itself.

Example: You're able to get your Uni on the 7th of March, Tuesday if you indicate your Air Cargo Day to be on the 7th of March, Tuesday.

For orders with Uni, do let us know under 'Add Order Note' if you want it delivered the next day (excluding Sundays and Public Holidays) :)


Yes, yes, we heard you.

You guys asked for a more consumer-friendly sized pack of Uni, so here we present to you: Uni in 100g!

Do not underestimate its minute size as this bright yellowish Uni packs a punch, once the tantalising flavours of umami settles in your mouth.

For our 100g series, we cannot ascertain the arrangement of Uni supplied (Bara or Narabi), as it lies in the hands of our trusted purveyors to determine which arrangement is best for that day.

Thankfully for us, we've forged strong relationships with our purveyors over the years. We are privileged to be entitled to receive the finest quality Uni that day, handpicked by our team.

  • Vetted and handpicked by our Uni Specialists at the Uni Auction in Toyosu Market
  • Shelf-life of up to 7 Days
  • Sashimi-grade
  • Kept chilled, as freezing would diminish its quality

Our Uni is air-flown direct from Japan, on Tuesdays & Fridays.

Uni that arrives on Tuesday would be delivered on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday while Uni arriving on Friday would be delivered on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

To obtain the freshest Uni, we recommend selecting your delivery date on the day the air cargo arrives (namely Tuesdays & Fridays).

All Uni Products have a shelf-life of one week.


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