Quick and Easy Fish

Have you ever been in a rush and just wanted a quick but good meal? Or did you want to add another dish to the dinner you've cooked but you were lazy to go through the hassle? We have a solution for you: Pre-marinated and cooked fish. 

marinated fish kaizenyaSaba Shioyaki, Ginzake Shioyaki, Saba Misoni

These fish have been marinated and cooked before they are packaged and then frozen. All you have to do is let the fish thaw, and then heat it up. Then you will have delicious fish that you can have as a dish or as a side with minimal effort. 

We have a few different types of marinated fish, such as saba (mackerel), buri (amberjack) and salmon. They are marinated in different ways. We have fish marinated in teriyaki, or cooked shioyaki (salt-grilled) and nitsuke (simmering in soy sauce) style. There will definitely be one product that suits your tastebuds. 

buri saba teriyaki kaizenyaSaba Teriyaki, Buri Teriyaki

Here is a guide on how to prepare the fish. 

  • Defrost the fish in the fridge the day before you want to eat it. If you forgot to put  it in the fridge, fret not! Thaw under running water for 10 minutes and it will be thawed. 

If you wish to use the microwave, 

  • Make a small opening in the packaging. This is to allow steam to escape so you will not burn yourself after microwaving it. 

saba teriyaki packagingSome packaging allows you to peel it open slightly for the steam to escape

saba shioyaki cut packagingYou can make a small cut to allow steam to escape as well

  • Place the product into the microwave with the packaging. Microwave for about 1 minute at 600W. 

microwave fish

  • After microwaving, remove from packaging and plate! 

buri teriyaki Buri Teriyaki

If you wish to boil it, 

  • Boil a pot of water. Ensure there is enough water to submerge the product. 
  • Once the water boils, submerge the product into the water. And yes, in its packaging. Leave it to boil for 4 minutes. 

Saba Teriyaki boiling

Placing the saba teriyaki in boiling water

Saba misoni boilingPlacing the saba teriyaki in boiling water

  • After 4 minutes, carefully remove from the water and let it cool down for awhile.
  • Open the packaging and plate. 

Saba teriyaki Saba Teriyaki 

saba misoni teriyaki ginzakeGinzake Shioyaki, Saba Misoni, Saba Shioyaki prepared

Feel free to add any garnishes such as lemon or grated radish to pair with your fish. Get a warm bowl of rice and you can have yourself a nice meal. These fish are a great addition to your meals with its quick and easy preparation and nice taste. 

Try it today with our bundle sets, giving you the option of trying the different flavours we have at a cheaper price. We have a bundle for marinated fish, consisting of Saba Shioyaki, Ginzake Shioyaki and Saba Misoni. We also have a bundle for teriyaki-marinated fish, consisting of Buri (Amberjack) Teriyaki and Saba Teriyaki.