'Kaizen' or 改善 is a concept in Japanese culture which emphasises on continuous improvement. 'Ya' or 屋 means shop. Putting it together, Kaizenya is a shop that will continuously improve on itself, and that is our promise to you, our customers. 

Kaizenya aims to bring the best and tastiest Japanese frozen food to consumers in Singapore. We want you to be able to enjoy delicious Japanese food in the comforts of your own home, and at a value-for-money price. Our supplier, whom we work closely with to bring you the best goods, has been in the Japanese food market for more than 3 years and supplies to several restaurants in Singapore. Rest assured that the food that you buy from us is of great quality and at a good price!

On improving our business, we plan to add in more products frequently to bring you an impressive range of products to choose from to cater to your Japanese food wants and needs. We also wish to bring you fresh air-flown products straight from Japan, so do keep a look out for that in the future. 

We wish to enrich and improve your lives with great-tasting, value-for-money Japanese food to can be whipped up in your homes. Check out our blog for easy-to-cook Japanese recipes and interesting facts about our products.