Hokkaido Hotate (Sashimi-Grade Scallops) [Small/Medium Sized] 1kg ほたて

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'扇贝'. In other words, 'to raise a sail'. 

Like how a sailboat is pushed by the wind, the Scallop uses its palatial shell to heave its way across the Hokkaido seabed, soaking up the numerous micro & macro nutrients along the way. 

health benefits include a reduced blood cholesterol, blood pressure, and the aid of development to your eyes & brain (taurine).


  • Comes in a pack weighing approximately 1kg
  • Medium-sized scallops (4.5cm in diameter)
  • Large-sized scallops (6cm in diameter)
  • Roughly 40 scallops per pack 
  • Thaw, slice, then serve as Sashimi or Nigiri Sushi
  • Other ways include pan-frying, lightly searing and as a Steamboat ingredient.
  • Brands of Hotate may vary due to purchases from different suppliers in Japan. However, all still come from Hokkaido with the same specifications.

To store:

  • Store in the freezer & consume within 5 months 
  • Once thawed, consume immediately as Sashimi or Nigiri Sushi
  • If not, keep in the refrigerator & consume within 2 days if you wish to cook it. 
  • Do not refreeze once thawed

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