Meet taskforce Kaizenya! Equipped with their expertise on Uni, they selectively pick the finest quality Uni for that specific day. Thus, whatever they decide on would be whatever we sell to you. Vetted and scrutinised thoroughly, we ONLY sell foremost quality Uni. 

At Toyosu, uni-men (fishermen) begin slicing and dicing the Gonads (roe) from the Urchin shell, whilst packing it into boxes under clock-work precision. The clock ticks 5, and the auction for uni begins. The scenes at the auction are often chaotic, as every purveyor aims to acquire Uni at the best quality and price. Fortunately for us, we literally have people from Kaizenya stationed there (live), to fight and grab the finest Uni from that day. 


Our purveyors discussing with Uni specialists!

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With everything in tact, the commercially-packaged uni would then be transported to Tokyo's air freight terminal and air-flown to our warehouse in Singapore (kept for a max of 3 days). 

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 Our Uni would subsequently be delivered to your doorstep by Kaizenya's in-built chiller trucks. We guarantee that in no way, shape or form would the quality of your Uni be compromised.