How to Defrost Your Products

Some of our items are flash-frozen to ensure maximum freshness of the products. It is important to keep products fresh especially for sashimi-grade items, so you will be able to consume them safely. It is just as important to defrost your products properly so you will your products will not get contaminated. 

What you will need: 

  • Your flash-frozen product 
  • Ice 
  • Water
  • Big container to hold ice, water and product 
  • Plastic/ ziplock bag
  • Paper towels


  • Prepare the ice water in the container, enough to sink the product in. Also, ensure that your container is big enough to allow your product to sink in it. 

If your product is in a vacuum bag,

  • Submerge your product in the water directly. (Refer to Video Step 5 below)

If your product is not in a vacuum bag, 

  • Wash the product with water. 
  • Pat the product dry with paper towels. Ensure that there is no residue on the product to prevent contamination. 
  • Place the product in the plastic bag. Ensure that water will not leak into the bag and that there is no air to prevent the bag from floating. 
  • Submerge the bag in water. Use a clip to secure the bag if needed. 

After no more than 2 hours, 

  • Remove the product from the bag (both vacuum and non-vacuum) and pat the product dry with paper towels, ensuring that there is no residue.
  • Prepare your product accordingly and you are ready to serve! 

A special thanks to one of our partners, Poseidon Seafood, for their informative video on how to defrost the products.